2019 All Town Garage Sales

All Town Garage Sale

Waterman, Hinckley, Shabbona and Lee


We are excited to say that the 2018 Garage Sale Days were very successful and enough money was raised to
continue the tradition into 2019! Every year we strive to make these days more successful, offering additional
fundraising activities in town, and involving local entities. We have a few big developments this year! We will be
joined by Hinckley and Shabbona/Lee during Garage Sale Days! That means each town has 30-40 houses, giving us
an overall coverage of 100+ houses! Each town is responsible for their own portion of the event, but we hope that
grouping together will attract more patrons and increase sales. We will also be trying to put together a Farmer’s
Market and Craft Fair to draw more people to town.

A second development this year is that we will not longer be sending out the EDDM mailer to each home.
Registration forms will be available at the local banks, Casey’s, and the post office. Registration fees go towards sign
maintenance, advertising fees, printing, and general operations. Registration helps cover the expenses of putting on
the garage sale, but also to ensure this town event can come back each year!

As a registered house, you will receive a numbered sign for shoppers to find you, your home on the map, and the
items you are selling are featured on the items of interest list. The more items and specific stuff you list – the more
interested customers you may have! Please DO NOT discard the numbered sign for your home. They are VERY
expensive and must be returned at the end of the Garage Sale Days.

Advertisements will be placed in over 10 resources!

This year we are trying to put together a Farmer’s Market and Craft Fair to draw in more patrons.
Maps and fliers will be distributed locally as well as in Dekalb and surrounding towns.


Please complete the form below and mail to Waterman Town Garage Sale, PO BOX 261, Waterman IL 60556.
The $20 registration fee can be paid by mailing a check to the PO Box, or dropping off cash/check to 609 Kennedy.
Registration fees will be considered a donation to the Waterman All Town Garage Sale, and will be non-refundable.
*Registration forms and payment must be received by Friday, April 5th to be included on the map.*

FIRST & LAST NAME:_________________________________________________________________________
ITEMS OF INTEREST:_________________________________________________________________________
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Visit the Village of Waterman’s Download tab for a PDF printable form!