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Created by Abigail Pool

200 E. Lincoln Highway, Waterman, IL 60556

 Waterman All Town Garage Sales!

Waterman All Town Garage Sale Registration

We are excited to announce the 2018 Waterman All Town Garage Sale Days, May 3rd – May 6th!

2017 was not the greatest year for this event, but we are beginning 2018 with an all new Committee!
Heading the Committee is the same person that completed the advertising in 2016, which was a very
successful year! This year we hope the Garage Sale Days will be bigger and better than ever, and we
have reached out to various groups in the community to help develop more activities in town to draw
in customers.
While only left with less than $20 in the garage sale account, we have generously received help and
donations to get the ball rolling this year. Each registration we receive helps pay for advertising,
printing costs, sign maintenance, and mailings. Registration helps cover the expenses of putting on
the garage sale, but also to ensure this town event can come back each year!
As a registered house, you will receive a numbered sign for shoppers to find you, your home on the
map, and the items you are selling are featured on the items of interest list. The more items and
specific stuff you list – the more interested customers you may have!
Advertisements will be placed in over 10 resources!
We have put together a Vendor & Crafter Fair at the old middle school to draw in more patrons.
Maps and fliers will be distributed locally as well as in Dekalb and surrounding towns.

For more information or the registration form contact: AllTownWaterman@gmail.com, or mail to
Waterman Town Garage Sale, PO BOX 261, Waterman IL 60556.

Registration fees will be considered a donation to the Waterman All Town Garage Sale, and will
be non-refundable.
Registration forms and payment must be received by Thursday, April 5th to be included on the map