131st Sandwich Fair

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About this event:

Created by Abigail Pool

15730 Pratty Road, Sandwich, IL 60548

September 5-9th, 2018

The Sandwich Fair Association- Sandwich, Illinois

15730 Pratt Road, Sandwich, Illinois 60548


Started in 1888, the Sandwich Fair is the oldest continuous county fair in Illinois. Although the beautiful Sandwich Fairgrounds of approximately 182 acres is used for other events during the spring, summer, and autumn, the main event continues to be the Sandwich Fair in DeKalb County, attracting approximately 175,000 attendees over the course of the five days of the fair. Remaining to the original mission of the fair, the Sandwich Fair continues to provide agriculture exhibits and competition along with commercial exhibits, food, entertainment, carnival rides, and games for education and fun for all ages