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Chief Breese Retirement Celebration

The retirement celebration for Chief Breese was held on June 3, 2018 at Indian Creek Middle School in Waterman.  The community, fellow police officers, co-workers, family, and friends all showed up to honor Chief Breese’s 37 years of service to Waterman.  A lunch was held with a ceremony following where Chief received many tokens of appreciation, from kind words of appreciation, to certificates, badges and many other momentos.  It was clear Chief was appreciated and well liked by the community.  The celebration ended with 21 firework salute!















New Pavilion Groundbreaking

Groundbreaking has begun on the new pavilion at

Waterman Lions Community Park at 420 S. Birch St. 








If you have seen the pavilion at the Village of Maltas park, this one will be similar! 

The new pavilion at Waterman Lions Park is funded by the Lions Club, a grant from DeKalb County Community Foundation and funds from the Carl Olson legacy, which is administered by the Village of Waterman for the benefit of the park.

New Shelter Groundbreaking May 2018 – Pictured above from left to right, VOW Trustee, Dr. Sarah Radtke, Lion, Craig Rice, Lion, Bob Bend, Mayor, Darryl Beach, Lions President, Shawn Blobaum, Lion, Richard Smith & Community Foundation Rep., Beth White.














This will make a great addition to Waterman Lions Community Park!


The  pavilion is expected to be open by the annual Waterman Lions Summerfest, July 21st, 2018.  














We are looking forward to seeing the end product!

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen!


Soybean Adventure

A Letter of Invitation from WSBA President:

Waterman hosts an annual event, July 21st this year, called “Summerfest and Waterman Lions Club Tractor Show” in the Lions Club Park, just south of U.S. 30. This year something new will be added: a “Soybean Adventure” from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Summerfest goes on into the evening with food, beverages, music and fireworks.

Illinois has been the top producer of soybeans four out of the last five years. Festivals exist to promote pumpkins, wine, strawberries, rhubarb, so why not soybeans? Our organization could promote an annual soybean festival in our area, bringing new attention to our Visit 30 region (Lee-Shabbona-Waterman) and new people into our communities.


This year there is an opportunity for WSBA members to participate in a Soybean Adventure fun-focused area. Your business or organization could participate by creating a soybean-related game or informational display that has something to do with soybeans. Think of it as a business/community expo with a soybean theme. Besides your soybean-related activity or display, you would also showcase and advertise your business or organization at your booth. It would be perfect if your business can somehow show a link to soybeans, but if not, you can just be creative and show a soybean topic people can relate to.

Examples to expand upon:

Soy sauce – what is it, how is it made?
Edamame – how does it taste, how is it made?
Tofu – what is it, is it a healthy food?
Are there soybean ingredients in some ice creams and beauty products?
A toy tractor display of soybean production would be informative!
Great creative with your own ideas or we can provide a soybean promotional idea for you.

Your business could give a prize, promotional object, or gift certificate to participants. You can also sell items which are pre-approved by WSBA and the Waterman Lions Club. This is an opportunity to promote what you do and contribute to an event that may grow into a stand alone festival sponsored by WSBA!

Call me (cell: 815-739-1178 or 815-264-3268) to reserve space at the Soybean Adventure and discuss your promotional ideas. Questions are always welcome! Our next WSBA meeting is July 11th at 6:00 p.m. at Waterman Winery. We hope to see you there!


Terrie Tuntland, WSBA President

DeKalb County Community Gardens Grow-Mobile Program

The DeKalb County Community Gardens

Grow-mobile Program


The Waterman Lions Club will sponsor the Grow Mobile at Lions Park on

August 13, 2018 & September 17, 2018 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

The DCCG Grow-mobile is a refrigerated produce truck that serves as pop-up food pantry and education center. The Grow-mobile program is designed to provide fresh produce and other healthy food, as well as food education programs to individuals who experience food insecurity in DeKalb County. In partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank we have been able to expand what we offer outside of the growing season. DCCG started the Grow-mobile Program after being chosen as one of fifty finalists (Healthy Community 50) in the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge, sponsored by the American Public Health Association, the Aetna Foundation and the National Association of Counties. The seed money award from this challenge, along with other donations provided the funding for the Grow-mobile. The Grow-mobile is a multi-use vehicle. It is currently used for the following; Grow-mobile stops around DeKalb County delivering plant orders from Walnut Grove farm, delivering DCCG Boxes of Hope (CSA), participating in summer Farmer’s Markets. DCCG would be happy to be hosted by your organization and bring the Grow-mobile to your location for a food distribution event.  If you are interested please contact Moria Nagy at

The Grow-mobile programs current partners are listed below.

Northern Illinois University, Public Health Department

Voluntary Action Center

Northwestern Medicine/Kishwaukee Hospital

Northern Illinois Food Bank

DeKalb County Health Department

DeKalb County Community Action Office

Live Healthy DeKalb County

City of DeKalb


Some photos of our past events!













Our mobile Chef, Christy Sharp from the Kishwaukee Education Consortium.

























Grow-mobile Events 2017

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