Lakeshore Recycling Systems Service Update


Waterman residents served by DC Recycling for garbage and recycling service can begin to put out bulk or extra items. Bulk item had previously been on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those with DCRS service may place one (1) bulk item out per week. If you have more to place out, please call Customer Service (844.NEED.LRS).  Please consider gradually placing out bulk items so DC’s crews can begin to catch up with an anticipated higher volume of bulk items.


    • Must be in a plastic mattress cover and securely taped closed.
    • Plastic mattress covers can be found at local hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot), Walmart, Target, Storage Facility stores and online (Amazon).
    • Must not exceed 4’ length and 18” diameter, and 50 pounds per roll
    • Must be secured and tied (loose carpet will not be accepted)
    • Four (4) rolls of secured carpet will be accepted as one bulk item
    • Must not have holes and must be tied
    • May not exceed 30 gallons or 50 pounds when full
    • Contractor bags are considered a bulk item

Fall leaf pick-up has begun!


Fall leaf pick-up begins October 21st and is scheduled thru November 26th, weather permitting. Leaves put out after that date will not be picked up.

Please have all other yard waste removed from the curbs and have your piles easily accessible. Be aware of the strength of the leaf vacuum; anything you do not want to lose should be kept away from the curbside. Remember…NO BURNING IS ALLOWED!