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The Village of Waterman Board and staff extend their sympathies to the family of Trustee, Dennis “Denny” Mitchell.  Denny passed 10/14/17.  His time and service to the community are appreciated!

Village of Shabbona Commissions Business & Visitor Survey

Village of Shabbona Commissions Business & Visitor Survey


The Village of Shabbona’s Economic Development Committee has been working with Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies to conduct a survey of area business owners, residents, and visitors.  Survey results will help to identify business and tourism development opportunities and determine the feasibility of those opportunities.

Please access the survey through the following links, and choose the proper link based on whether you are a Shabbona resident or a visitor:

Shabbona residents go to this link:

Visitors go to this link:

Paper copies can be completed at Resource Bank, Village Hall, Flewellin Memorial Library, Pokanoka’s Café, Lakeside Bait & Tackle, Wisted’s Country Market, Shabbona Café and in Shabbona Lake State Park. All responses will be confidential and the compiled results will be shared this fall.

The survey is a component of an economic development planning grant that was provided by the DeKalb County Community Foundation.


Note:  There are separate surveys for Shabbona residents/businesses and anyone else not from Shabbona.

Waterman residents should complete the visitor survey!  Thank you!



Village of Waterman Electric Aggregation Program

Village of Waterman Electric Aggregation Program


ComEd has begun to issue automated notifications regarding the program switch of our aggregation supplier. You will (or have) received a generated letter from ComEd stating that as of October 2017,  Direct Energy will no longer be the supplier and your account will transition back to ComEd. In the upcoming days you also receive another notification from ComEd that your account will begin being served by MC Squared Energy (new aggregation supplier) beginning in October 2017. No action is required by residents that receive these letters and they are automatically generated by ComEd to ensure each account is notified of what is taking place.

For any additional information/questions regarding these notifications please contact our consultant, Progressive Energy Group, at (630) 882-6100.

ComEd’s Vegetation Maintenance Along Power Lines In Waterman

Re: Notification Required under 220 ILCS 5/8-505.1

To Whom It May Concern:

ComEd intends to perform vegetation management activities on distribution circuits in your area within the next few months. The vegetation management activities are a key component of ComEd’s maintenance program to ensure system electrical reliability, as vegetation contact with ComEd equipment is a leading cause of outages.

In accordance with applicable statutory requirements, ComEd is required to provide each affected municipality a map (see attached) or common addresses of the area affected by the vegetation management activities.
Please be aware that ComEd has notified any affected customers and property owners with (i) a statement of the vegetation management activities planned, (ii) the address of a website and a toll free telephone number at which a written disclosure of all dispute resolution opportunities and processes, rights, and remedies provided by the electric public utility may be obtained, (iii) a statement that the customer and the property owner may appeal the planned vegetation management activities through the electric public utility and the Illinois Commerce Commission, (iv) a toll-free telephone number through which communication may be had with a representative of the electric public utility regarding the vegetation management activities, and (v) the telephone number of the Consumer Affairs Officer of the Illinois Commerce Commission. The notice also stated that circuit maps or common addresses of the area to be affected by the vegetation management activities are on file with the local municipal or county office.

We recognize that our vegetation management activities sometimes create concern by your residents because trees near our electrical wires are significantly trimmed or sometimes require removal. Qualified line-clearance workers contracted by ComEd will be performing the tree pruning work. Supervisors and General Foremen will be in close contact with the crews, ensuring that the work is performed properly. Additionally, we are strong advocates of proactive efforts to ensure that only appropriate vegetation is planted near our facilities, and our easement and leases usually specify vegetation restrictions. Trees that grow greater than 20 feet, for example maple, elm, and blue spruce, should never be planted under or near distribution power lines. At full height, these trees could contact lines and cause a power outage or create a safety issue. On the other hand, trees and bushes that grow to heights less than 20 feet, for example dogwoods or crabapples, can often be planted near distribution power lines.

For more information about vegetation maintenance along power lines and ComEd’s “Right Tree, Right Place” program, please visit:

Please direct any resident with questions or concerns to contact us at 1 (800) Edison-1

Katie Runyan
Sr. Vegetation Management Project Manager
Vegetation Management Department

*You can also find the map under the download tab.

Waterman Police Auxiliary Officers


On July 18, 2017, on the recommendation of the Public Safety Committee, the Waterman Village Board passed Ordinance #2017-10 which established Auxiliary Police for the Waterman Police Department.  The Waterman Auxiliary Police program was discussed in several Public Safety meetings, and at Village Board meetings.  Since the passing of the ordinance the Waterman Police Department, with the assistance and direction of the Public Safety Committee and Village Officials, began the recruitment process for the first phase of the Waterman Police Department Auxiliary Police Program.


Five individuals were selected to fill the Waterman Auxiliary Police Officer positions, based on the results of their interviews with Village Officials and Police Officials.  All of the individuals have previous experience as Auxiliary Police Officers with other agencies (DeKalb County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Police and Leland Auxiliary Police) and/or degrees in Criminal Justice/Police Science.  The Auxiliary Police Officers were sworn in at the Waterman Village Board Meeting on 09/12/17.



Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers are all volunteers, and do not receive compensation from the Village of Waterman.  Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers will receive some of the same training as all other Waterman Police Officers.  Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers will be armed, once they successfully complete the Mandatory Firearms Training Course as required by the Illinois Peace Officer Firearm Training Act.  Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers duties will include aiding or directing traffic, assisting and aiding in controlling natural or man-made disasters, aiding in cases of civil disorder as directed by the Chief of Police, and otherwise aid the members of the Waterman Police Department as directed by the Chief of Police.  The Village of Waterman and the Waterman Police Department would like to thank the Waterman Lion’s Club and Casey’s General Store for their generous donations to the Waterman Police Department, which will be used in part to help with any costs associated with the Waterman Auxiliary Police Program.  If anyone has any questions about the Waterman Auxiliary Police Program, please feel free to contact Waterman Police Chief Chuck Breese.

Generous Donations

At the September Village Board Meeting Waterman Lions Club President, Shawn Blobaum presented Chief Breese with a check for a donation from the Summerfest proceeds.  Shawn also presented a check to be used for safety vests for the Waterman Police Department. 



Recently a $4 million lottery ticket was sold at the Waterman Casey’s store.  At Tuesday’s Village Board meeting a check from Casey’s was given to the Waterman Police Department!





Bookworms at Clinton Township Public Library


Clinton Township Public Library




Join us downstairs

in the children’s department for

a preschool-aged story

time and activity session.

Crafts, games, snacks and fun!

Wednesdays at 12:30pm until 1:00pm.

Clinton Township Library – Middle School Book Group






Clinton Township Library


Read  Eat  And  Discuss

Middle School book group: read the story and enjoy pizza and a soda. Every other month we will be watching the movie of the book we read.

4th Monday of each month in the library at 6:00p.m.

For more information, contact

Crystal McGinnis at 815-264-3339 or

Power Supply Agreement 2017


The Village of Waterman has contracted with mc2 (MC Squared) for delivery of power to ComEd’s distribution facilities.  The fixed price per kWh, calculated pursuant to that certain Power Supply Agreement between the Village of Waterman and mc2 dated August 4, 2017 (“PSA”). The PSA price through your October 2018 ComEd meter read date under this Agreement is $0.0695 per kWh. In addition to mc2 electricity supply charges, ComEd distribution charges and related taxes will be itemized separately by ComEd in your bill and are not included in the price under this Agreement. You are responsible to pay ComEd for these charges. 

In addition to any other remedies mc2 may have, this Agreement may be terminated by mc2 upon 30 day notice to Customer if we return your service to ComEd per the PSA, you move outside the Village of Waterman area, you cease to be a ComEd customer or become ineligible for ComEd’s Consolidated Billing. You may terminate this Agreement within 10 days after you receive your first bill under this Agreement from ComEd by notifying us at 1-(to be announced). If you so terminate, you will not be billed a Termination Charge, but you will be responsible for all charges incurred for the first month of service rendered by mc2. There is NO Termination Fee if you terminate the MC Squared Agreement prior to the end of the applicable term. If you terminate your agreement early, you will be obligated to pay for services rendered under the contract until service is terminated.

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