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On July 18, 2017, on the recommendation of the Public Safety Committee, the Waterman Village Board passed Ordinance #2017-10 which established Auxiliary Police for the Waterman Police Department.  The Waterman Auxiliary Police program was discussed in several Public Safety meetings, and at Village Board meetings.  Since the passing of the ordinance the Waterman Police Department, with the assistance and direction of the Public Safety Committee and Village Officials, began the recruitment process for the first phase of the Waterman Police Department Auxiliary Police Program.


Five individuals were selected to fill the Waterman Auxiliary Police Officer positions, based on the results of their interviews with Village Officials and Police Officials.  All of the individuals have previous experience as Auxiliary Police Officers with other agencies (DeKalb County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Police and Leland Auxiliary Police) and/or degrees in Criminal Justice/Police Science.  The Auxiliary Police Officers were sworn in at the Waterman Village Board Meeting on 09/12/17.



Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers are all volunteers, and do not receive compensation from the Village of Waterman.  Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers will receive some of the same training as all other Waterman Police Officers.  Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers will be armed, once they successfully complete the Mandatory Firearms Training Course as required by the Illinois Peace Officer Firearm Training Act.  Waterman Auxiliary Police Officers duties will include aiding or directing traffic, assisting and aiding in controlling natural or man-made disasters, aiding in cases of civil disorder as directed by the Chief of Police, and otherwise aid the members of the Waterman Police Department as directed by the Chief of Police.  The Village of Waterman and the Waterman Police Department would like to thank the Waterman Lion’s Club and Casey’s General Store for their generous donations to the Waterman Police Department, which will be used in part to help with any costs associated with the Waterman Auxiliary Police Program.  If anyone has any questions about the Waterman Auxiliary Police Program, please feel free to contact Waterman Police Chief Chuck Breese.
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