What are the utility rates and how often are the bills?

Current Utility Rates Billed Quarterly
Residential Water Rate – $75.06 per quarter minimum charge for 1st 6,000 gallons*; $2.76 per 1,000 gallons over
6,000 gallons

Residential Sewer Rate – $23.01 per quarter minimum charge for 1st 6,000 gallons; $2.27 per 1,000 gallons over 6,000 gallons

Residential Garbage Rate (TR) – $53.32 per quarter

Infrastructure Fee (INFS) – $24.00 per quarter deposited in savings fund for infrastructure maintenance
* $37.53 of the minimum charge on all rates goes to arsenic treatment system loan which will be paid 7/2019 (DSR)


Quarterly Schedule:
Feb 1 – April 30
May 1 – July 31
August 1 – October 31
November 1 – January 31

Bills will be mailed within 2 weeks of the end of the billing cycle.

Payments are due 30 days after the bills are received and bill will reflect due date.

How many bulk items will the trash company pick up?

One free furniture bulk item per week with your regular service.  They do not pick up appliances or an electronic items in the normal waste collection.

How often is water, sewage, garbage & recycling billed in Waterman?

Water/Sewer/Garbage/Recycling is billed quarterly – payments accepted in cash or check.

Is there Electronic Recycling in Waterman?

  • No. Any questions about electronic recycling contact LRS DC Trash at 815-758-7274 or Dekalb County at 815-748-2408 or visit their website here.

What should I do with my yardwaste?

Fall leaf pick-up will be announced.  Please have all yard waste removed from the curbs and do not mix with leaves. For the convenience of all Waterman residents, a 24/7 365-day brush dumpster is located at the 215 W. Adams parking lot. For large quantities of brush, call Village Hall 815-264-3652 for disposal arrangements. YARD WASTE ONLY please. Please keep your leaf piles easily accessible, i.e. away from trees, bushes, parked cars, and mailboxes. Also, be aware of the strength of the leaf vacuum. Anything you do not want to lose should be kept away from the curbside. Leaf pick-up is scheduled thru 11/21/18, weather permitting. Leaves put out after that date will not be picked up. NO BURNING IS ALLOWED

Christmas trees will be collected from Christmas through the end of January. Trees must be free of all decorations and cannot be in plastic bags.

How do I rent the shelter at Waterman Lions Community Park or the Clinton Township Community Building in Waterman?

  • To rent the Waterman Lions Community Park Shelter, contact the Village Hall at 815-264-3652.  Check the availability of the shelter on our events page.  They will be marked in red.
  • To rent the Clinton Township Community Building on Lincoln Highway, contact Peggy Rogers @ 815-295-1091


Street Lights out?

Call Com Ed at 800-334-7661 or https://www.comed.com/MyAccount/CustomerSupport/Pages/ContactInformation.aspx

Does Waterman have parks?

Yes! We have Muingan Park and Waterman Lions Community Park