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DeKalb County Health Department Free Electronics Collection



Saturday, May 4 & Saturday, September 7
at the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport,
located at 3232 Pleasant St. DeKalb, IL 601 15
from 9am to 12 pm.

These events are available to DeKalb County residents,
proof of address is required.

Residents within the city limits of DeKalb are
encouraged to utilize the E-Waste Collection services by
Lake Shore Recycling Systems while Sycamore, Genoa,
and Kirkland residents are encouraged to utilize the At
Your Door Service by Waste Management.

Contact Lake Shore Recycling Systems at 815-770-7550,
DeKalb@LRSrecycles.com and Waste Management at
1-800-449-7587, AtYourDoor@WM.com or visit
WMatYourDoor.com to schedule your pickup.






Call the DeKalb County Solid Waste Specialist at
815-748-2430, recyclemailbox@dekalbcounty.org
or visit our website,
health.dekalbcounty.org/services/so lid-waste-and-recycling/