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A. A fire pit should generally be at least four inches (4″) in depth and shall be surrounded on the outside, above ground, by noncombustible materials such as stone, steel, brick, or masonry. Recreational fires in a fire pit or on the ground do not require a permit.


B. The fire pit cannot exceed three feet (3′) in diameter, nor may the fire pile exceed two feet (2′) in height. A fire on the ground should be contained with rocks or noncombustible screening to contain the fuel within a dedicated space. Recreational fires in a fire pit or on the ground shall be at least twenty five feet (25′) from any structure or combustible material. A fire should not be started in a fire pit or on the ground when very dry conditions due to exceptionally dry weather are present. In addition, conditions (such as dry grass or other combustible material) which could cause a fire to spread within twenty five feet (25′) of a structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition. The fire size shall not be greater than three feet (3′) in diameter and two feet (2′) in height. Fuel used for recreational fires shall be dry firewood or charcoal only. The fire shall be attended at all times. A portable fire extinguisher of at least a 4-A rating or other approved on site fire extinguishing equipment such as dirt, sand, or a garden hose shall be readily available. Recreational fires may be extinguished by the fire department if the fire is deemed a health or safety hazard. (Ord. 2012-26, 12-11-2012)



FIREWORKS: Shall mean and include any combustible or explosive composition, or any substance or combination of substances, or article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or an audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation, and shall include toy guns in which explosives are used, the type of unmanned balloons which require fire underneath to propel the same, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, Roman candles, daygo bombs, sparklers or other fireworks of like construction and any fireworks containing any explosive substance, except that the term “fireworks” shall not include model rockets and model rocket engines, designed, sold and used for the purpose of propelling recoverable aeromodels and shall not include toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns or other devices in which paper caps manufactured in accordance with the United States department of transportation regulations for packing and shipping of toy paper caps are used; and toy paper caps manufactured as provided aforesaid, the sale and use of which toys and caps shall be permitted at all times.

PERMITTEE: Shall mean and include any person, firm or corporation and/or agent or employee of such person, firm or corporation who has been issued a permit for supervised displays of fireworks in the village of Waterman under the terms of this chapter. (Ord. 2009-07, 8-11-2009)


A. Except as hereinafter provided, no person, firm, co partnership or corporation shall offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail, keep with intent to sell at retail, use or explode any fireworks, provided that the village may issue permits for supervised displays of fireworks in the village by fair associations, shopping centers and other organizations or groups of individuals.

1. Such permits may be granted upon application to said village after his approval based upon regulations contained herein, and the filing of a bond by the applicant as provided hereinafter.

2. Every such display shall be handled by a competent operator, and shall be of such composition, character and so located, discharged or fired as in the opinion of the village shall not constitute a hazard to property or endanger any person or persons.

B. Pursuant to such permit having been granted, possession, use and distribution of fireworks for such display shall be lawful for that purpose only; and no permit granted hereunder shall be transferable.

C. The village shall seize, take, remove or cause to be removed at the expense of the owner all stocks of fireworks or combustibles offered or exposed for sale, stored or held in violation of this chapter. (Ord. 2009-07, 8-11-2009)