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Update to Village Water Issue – 2018

Update to Village Water Issue                                                                                                                               July 18, 2018

The Village of Waterman and the Board of Trustees has been working to correct the water quality issue for several months. As detailed at the last several Village Board meetings numerous steps have been taken to identify and resolve the problem. Public works, the village engineer, Test Inc. (water system operator) and others we have been working through progressive steps with mixed results.

The Illinois EPA was consulted at the triennial (every 3 years) review in June. The IEPA worker was informed of the issue, the steps we were taking, and offered some suggestions.

Several valves were changed at the filtration system at the well house to minimum effect. We contracted with Tonka Water, out of Minnesota, to inspect the filtration system. Tonka was involved in the construction of the system but there was a wait of 4-6 weeks for them to get here after contracting. Tonka is here today, July 18, 2018, inspecting and servicing the system. Hopefully, this will alleviate the problems we are having throughout Waterman.

Thank you to the residents who have called Village Hall, the Village President, or a Trustee to report their water problems. We are able to ask for needed information to include addresses, date/time, duration, and severity at a minimum. Please contact us at any of the emails or numbers listed on the website, even on weekends.

Hopefully these steps will resolve our problem. It has been a long and expensive search for which we apologize. Thank you.



Darryl Beach, Village President

Waterman Board of Trustees

Water Supply

Waterman Residents

The Village of Waterman Board of Trustees and Village President are acutely aware of the water supply problems. We have been working with the Public Works Department, Village Engineer, and outside resources to find the cause of the discoloration. We have been taking steps to try and alleviate the problem.

The discoloration of the water can be caused by multiple problems. High winds, broken pipes, cold temperatures, filtration issues, and an aging infrastructure. The Village is taking steps to limit and eliminate the discoloration as quickly as possible. During the winter there were 6 water main breaks throughout the village which contributed to the problem. All that we are aware of have been fixed. Since the temperatures have warmed (slightly) we have done a hydrant flush and will do so regularly. The valves in the filtration system are nearing the time to be changed and we have begun that process. We will also be changing the system “media” as it is also at the beginning of the change window.

A new well has been drilled; this is the first phase, at the Deerfield Crossing subdivision. This well was in the original annexation agreement and was never completed. It has begun but may be a long time before it is on-line. The drilling of the well has completed and the process used large amounts of water. This may have contributed to some of the water discoloration.

We will try and keep you informed as we learn the causes and complete some of the remedies. Thank you for your patience.

Water Main

As of this morning February 20th, there has been a new water leak detected.  This has been an ongoing process.  A few leaks have been located and immediately fixed. Once the current leak has been identified, JULIE must do a locate.  It is expected that Public Works will need to do a dig to make repairs. Winter weather and frozen ground prevent easy location. Your patience is very much appreciated!